Lighten Dark LIPS with Miracle Herb Ratan jot

dark lips

Dark lips have been a troublesome issue and can be very disturbing one can try to hide them by using lipstick or lip gloss but this obviously cannot be done all the time
so what causes dark lips well there are several reasons for it though dark complexion people generally inherit dark lips several lifestyle factors also contribute mainly excessive smoking and caffeine intake some harsh chemicals and cosmetics exposure to sun and sometimes even hormonal and age-related factors
so let’s those simple can prove to be very effective in giving you healthy coloured lips so make it a practice to follow the routine every day avoid smoking and drinking and live healthy eat a well-balanced diet stay hydrated and keep looking young.

Dark lips causes

What causes dark lips or black lips. First of all, let’s discuss why dark lips or black lips occur and what causes them. If we talk about causes, let’s first discuss about external factors and what are their side effects on lips.


The topmost external factors are smoking and tobacco chewing.

Both of these can make your lips darker and what is the reason for it? chemicals and nicotine present in smoking narrow down your blood vessels because of which the skin on your lips does not get proper oxygen supply it becomes dark and looks purple.
Nicotine also increases melanin content in your skin due to which your lips appear dark the Second factor is Sun Exposure If you are too much exposure to the sun, just like your skin gets tanned, your lips also get tanned due to exposure to the sun.

Allergic reaction to cosmetics

Next important reason for dark lips is cosmetics. If you are using lipstick which stays for a longer duration, it can also lead to darker lips. Also, if you are allergic to any chemical present in your lipstick it can cause dark lips.
Now we will discuss allergies and when we talk about allergies it is not only from cosmetics you can also get allergies from toothpaste you use as well. First, your lips become red and then dry, later on, it becomes dark. These allergies are more common someone whose skin and lips are always dry, in such kind of people the chances of getting allergy is more.

Lip licking

dark lips remedies

Too much of lip-licking can also make your lips dry, which in turn makes your lips dark. Next important reason for dark lips is medicine. Usage of medicines such as anti-malarial drugs, Isotretinoin, minocycline, anti-cancer medicines can also make your lips darker.
Apart from these, there are certain other medicines from which severe allergic reaction can also occur such as. In such cases, the skin of the lips appears red initially and slowly it heals to darker lips. Apart from lip cosmetics, usage can also lead to darker lips. Next important reason is skin diseases, there are certain skin diseases because of which your lips may turn dark. genetic reasons can also lead to darker lips. Iron deficiency or increase in iron in your body can also make your lips darker.

Vitamin deficiency

Another reason for dark lips is a deficiency of Vitamin B-12. Heavy metal exposure can also make your lips darker. Now let us discuss about treatment options for dark lips. If we talk about dark lips treatment, then the most important thing to do is proper moisturizing of your lips and avoid sun exposure.

So, the best way to achieve these two is by using lips balm which contains SPF. Use a lip balm with a minimum SPF 15 to protect your lips from sun exposure. Moisturizing your lips will protect it from becoming dry and your lips appear less dark. Apart from all these if your allergic to another thing as I mentioned like cosmetics, lipstick or toothpaste then you must consult the doctor.


The doctor will conduct a certain test to identify the cause of allergy and once you understand the cause of allergy try to stop its usage as it will make your treatment efficient and easier. If you are suffering from dark lips from the causes we mentioned earlier, you can try to avoid its usage to get rid of dark lips. The things which you have to quit first is smoking. If you are a smoker or chew tobacco and you have dark lips, then you should stop their consumption or usage. It will certainly benefit you

Those who use long-lasting lipstick should stop using these to avoid getting dark lips. If you have the habit of lip-licking frequently, then you must stop it as it makes your lips dry and gradually your lips become darker.

Natural Treatment

If we talk about the treatment of dark lips, Whenever you start treatment for your dark lips, please keep in mind that it will take time to get rid of dark lips and advise that you should follow your treatment for the best results.

Another treatment option for dark lips is a natural treatment. ratanjot herb give healthier pink lips according to studies ratanjot reduce the appearance of dark lips it removes dead cells and lightens lip colour this will hydrate the lips


ratan jot best for dark lips
Ratan Jot or Alkanet (Alkanna tinctoria) on a white background

Ratanjot is a natural red dye that was traditionally used as colouring can provide natural red colour to your lips It is a root of a plant whose botanical name is Alkanna Tinctoria. It is called Alkanet Root in English you can get it easily in all herb shops or you can also order it online. Ratanjot has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. ratanjot works great in lightening pigmented lips and treats dark and black lips problems prevent your lips from drying out, it really helps to make your lips pink naturally.

Powerful method to get natural pink lips

To make the oil, take 1 and 1/2teaspoons of slightly crumbled ratanjot in a bowl. Add in 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil to it. Now add in 1/2 cup of virgin coconut oil too. Now keep this bowl under hot sunlight for a day or two. ratanjot will slowly start releasing its colour and essence into the oil. Once the oil has turned red, strain and pour into a glass bottle and store. repeat this process every night for two to three weeks to notice a significant change.

Miracle lip balm

ratanjot balm for dark lips

1. One tablespoon beeswax.

2. One tablespoon ratanjot.

3. Half teaspoon cocoa butter.


1. Heat the beeswax in a double boiler and add the ratanjot and cocoa butter to it.

2. Use chopsticks to stir the ingredients frequently until it melts and then remove it from heat.

3. After it cools down, pour it into small containers to store.

4. Apply daily and brightening up dull, lifeless lips.

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