Manicure At Home Professionally

manicure at home

my hands are looking so dull lets I’ll talk about manicure for cracked dry dull hand; cracked dry hands show lack of attention of your hands there are so many cares for Face but what should I do for our hands; hand are most dried part of body Because mostly people habit frequent hand washing and hand go dry damp; cracked Moreover, less moisturization Pollution; often use of medicine for a specific reason as eczema, diabetes; thyroid etc vitamin E deficiency into the body as well calcium deficiency or maybe lack of iron dryness is more in Winter than Summer we’ll teach you how to do a manicure at home.


I’m going to tell you is really amazing and tested Firstly, suited for hands something about Manicure; getting done Manicure from Parlour is expensive you’ve got done Manicure and made your hands beautiful I’ve done it at Home I now tell you Secret of your beautiful hands I tell you two method of manicure.

Remove dead skin

apply Cream or malai on your elbow to make your elbow clean Malai helps to remove all dead skin first remove your nail paint well before stepping towards manicure remove all the accessories from hands first we’ll do Soaking so for this take mix well add some lemon slice dip your hands in this solution for about 3 minutes or also you can scrub using the lemon slice Soaking helps to exfoliate dead skin cells from your hands and Vitamin C in it helps to reduce skin discolouration and pigmentation now pat dry hands with a clean towel

And now its turn to Nails; Cuticle Cleaning and trimming so you need to slowly push back your nails cuticles using a Cuticle pusher this makes your nails to look long and attractive this also makes cuticle shape even so now need to trim cuticles to give your nails a neat look Everyone does Nail filing irrespective of doing manicure or not so here I too filing my nails to give them a proper shape.

manicure at home

Scrubbing and massage

Now its turn to do Scrubbing for this you need mix both well we add

1. One table spoon coconut oil.

2. One table spoon coffee powder.

3. Half tea spoon honey.

4. Half tea spoon aloe vera.

oil just to make coffee powder moist a little Coffee Powder has antioxidants which exfoliate your skin well and coconut oil makes your skin smooth gently scrub your hands with it Avoid harsh rubbing and don’t forget to scrub your elbow now rinse it off with water now we’ll make moisturiser mix honey and aloe vera in equal quantity now do massage with it massage nails and cuticles well aloe hydrates your skin well and makes massage easy to do massage till its not gonna be absorbed well into your skin.

Coating nail paint

manicure at home

Now need to do base coating on your nails if you skip base coating you might get that nail paint stain on your nails or your nails becomes rough or might get brittle means easily breakable and now apply any of your favourite nailpaint and now my hands are looking so beautiful seems like I’ve get it done from a Parlour how easy to do Manicure at home and now you too try this to make your hands beautiful.

Second method

You have to take a water tub Add 2 jugs of lukewarm water add 2 to 3 tbs of salt add 1 lemon juice in first phase, we’re going to clean our hand to soft dirt, impurities; dryness not put your hand into water keep your hand in this water for 10 minutes after sometime you’ll feel your hands got soft including nails as you see, So, we should have all necessary tools

Manicure kit

manicure kit

So, I bought a manicure kit we open it, has all useful things callus remover 2 way nail buffer it will be used as callus remover alsow and nail brush metal nail file will be used for nails and a nail clipper we took only 4 things from this kit firstly we’ll use nail clipper and we’ll cut the nails now trim the nails to give them proper shape now clean the nails with nail brush its turn to clean heels with 2 way nail buffer its important to say if your hand skin is so rough; hard you can also can be used for cleaning it is being used for hand cleaning from beginning and very useful after satisfactory cleaning, dry hand with a towel we’ll make a scrub until hand dry

scrub we need

1. One table spoon rice flour.

2. One table spoon dry milk powder.

3. Half table spoon almond oil.

4. One lemon juice.

1 tbs rice flour in a bowl you can prepare it at home by grinding 1 tbs dry milk powder half tbs almond oil1 lemon juice mix them well scrub is ready apply well on hand; rub it leave it for 5 minutes keep it 5 minutes on hand Now wash your hand and dry with the towel now we’ll make a cream for hand.

you will need

1. One table spoon mustard oil.

2. Small piece of candle.

3. Two capsule vitamin E.

Half tea spoon vaseline.

heat some water in a pan put a bowl in it (its a double boil process) use metal made a bowl for this don’t use glass made bowl because it will crack add some mustard oil now we need a candle put the candle into pieces and take a small piece of candle this process called double boil, the candle has been mixed into oil after melting add vitamin E capsule and vaseline and let it cool at room temperature after cold we have made an amazing moisturizer we’ll apply on our hand and wear a pair of light cotton gloves and go to bed it can help improve skin hydration and making your hand softer for as long two or three weeks when it is time for your next manicure session repeat this process twice in a month and you’ll get amazing results these are all home remedies and have amazing properties for the skin you can’t do better manicure than this you can store this cream for a month your hand would be clean, soft & smooth with this manicure.

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