Effective home remedies for dry chapped lips

Pink and moisturized lips look very beautiful and dry or chapped looking worse your lips skin is delicate so winter weather effect it cool and dry air snatch every moisture from your lips and cause lips dryness, crack, and bleed many more ways affects your lips

Sunlight also damages your lips when you’re spending to much time in the sun. UV rays harm your lips.

When you don’t drink water your lips become dry which is a sign of dehydration if you overcome in this situation you drink eight to ten glasses of water and fresh juice

when you use acne removing face wash avoid the lip area because the dry and ireitate your lips

Many cheap lipsticks irritate may contain an ingredient that cracks and split your lips although it can be painful

If you can struggling  to keep lips soft and smooth there are many home remedies to keep your lips healthy soft and pink

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a very best treatment for dry and damaged lips it is one of the oldest and effective ways to moisturize and rehydrate your badly chapped lips


1.Take a few drops of coconut oil

2.Wash lips and apply coconut oil properly

3.Next morning wash with warm water

4.Apply every night and see magical result


Beetroot is one of nature’s gift for you to enhance your lips in red colour it is full of nutrients that hydrate your dry lips it’s also protected your chapped lips


1.Take fresh and pure beetroot juice

2. Apply on lips and leave it 25-30 minutes

3.Wash with cool water

4. Apply three times a weak and you will notice soft smooth and pink’s colour lips

Milk cream

Milk cream is a natural excellent moisturiser you can use it dry chapped lips you will notice a difference in a couple of days


1. Take one teaspoon fresh milk cream

2. Apply milk cream on your lips and leave it 15-20 minutes

3.Wash your lips with lukewarm water

4.Repeat this daily


Honey has antibacterial and best healing properties it nourishes the lips and prevents it from drying


1. Take one teaspoon honey.

2.Apply a layer of honey on your lips and leave it 20 minutes.

3. Wash your lips with a cotton pad dipped in lukewarm water

4. Follow this twice a weak

Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter helps to dehydrate your thin and dry lips it’s deeply conditioning and nourishes your lips it also relieves the burning sensation you may experience due to the dryness


1. Take a small amount of cocoa butter.

2. Apply on your lips and leave it 30-40 minutes

3.Wash with lukewarm water

4.Apply daily to help your lips heal faster

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