Effective Home Remedies For Unwanted Facial Hair

Girl removing unwanted face hair

Are you facing unwanted facial hair? it can be embarrassing, and affect your personality you avoiding social contact. we all need a clear and glowing face when you look beautiful with flawless skin you feel confident.

There can be many reasons for excess facial hair

Hormonal imbalances

Mostly women dealing with hormonal imbalances it’s been the cause of increased hair growth, excess hair growth in women is due to overproduce (androgens) male hormones, every woman have a certain amount of androgens, but when these amounts are too high, they can cause unwanted hair, acne, voice change, blemishes .

Genetic Facial hair

Excess facial hair can also be genetic if your grandma and mother have it, you’re more likely to get it.

girl shave unwanted face hair

Low-quality product

Low-quality cream and makeup use is the most common reason behind excess facial hair growth.

If you have excess hair and want treatment usually the best treatment is home remedies to help slow excess hair growth or stop it coming back, and they will not have any side effects.

Herbal remedy for hormonal imbalances

Carrot seeds herbal remedies recommended to balanced testosterone level of women, one study showed that carrot seed has anti-androgen properties, take one teaspoon carrot seed powder before breakfast for a one month your testosterone level goes back to normal.

Do remember to check with your doctor before using herbs because of herbs alternative medicine may also be helpful to hormonal balance.

Green Gram Liquorice Turmeric And Honey

green gram best for unwanted face hair

If you have excess hair on your face that you want to remove this face pack is a perfect remedy to remove permanent unwanted hair from your face all you need to try this face pack.

liquorice best for unwanted face hair

Make it

1.Two tablespoons green gram.

2. One teaspoon liquorice powder.

3. One pinch turmeric.

4. Three tablespoon honey.

5. You would need to soak green gram overnight in lucky warm water.

6. The next morning grind and make a fine paste.

7. Combine every ingredient and mix well.

turmeric and honey for unwanted face hair


1.After face cleansing applies this pack on your face.

2. Scrub the face twenty minutes in a circular motion rub against the direction of the hair growth.

3. After twenty minutes of wash face with cold water.

4. Repeat this thrice a week, you would notice hair being removed.

Hartal Varki Baking Soda And Egg white

This home remedy removes your unwanted facial hair, but also help the hair come out as less and end up invisible.

Hartal warki for unwanted face hair

Make it

1. Take two tablespoon hartal varki powder remaining powder save in an airtight jar or a container.

2. One teaspoon baking soda.

3. Two tablespoon egg white.

Mix all ingredients and make a paste.

Baking soda and Egg white for unwanted face hair


1. Apply the paste on your face.

2. Massage in a circular motion rub against the direction of hair growth for 10 to 15 minutes.

3. Then wash with cold water.

4. Follow this remedy twice a weak and say goodbye your facial hair.

Costus root(qust-e-shirin) Colchicum bitter(suranjan-e- talkh)

costus root best for unwanted face hair

The amazing ideal remedy for removing hair it has been worked wonder against unwanted hair

colchicum bitter best for unwanted face hair

Make it

1. Make a powder by grinding these ingredients and put the powder mixture in an airtight jar.

2. Apply this mixture powder on the areas where you have unwanted hair and leave it overnight.

3. Next morning face wash with water.

4. Repeat this daily and get rid of excess hair forever.

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