100% skin whitening home remedies


Beauty is every woman dream she needs clean and clear fair skin they used many skin whitening creams which is available in the market there is a lot of cream in the market but it is very tough to find best quality products.

Beauty is every woman dream she needs clean and clear fair skin

The market is full of harmful chemicals cream. inexpensive chemicals contain cream will destroy your skin.also these cream may cause many side effects, dullness, uneven skin, irritation so you can avoid harmful side effects cream and use best home remedies many natural home remedies give such a good result to lighten your skin that surprise you when you use them

yogurt is best remedy for skin lighten

Yogurt and honey

Yogurt contains alpha hydroxy acid and lactic acid that remove the topmost layer of dead cells and gentle exfoliation the skin and create a natural brighter glow yogurt help growth of new skin cells this makes the skin more elastic youth full appearance and brightness

Honey mask give fair skin

Honey is naturally antioxidant and antibacterial properties it is a good moisturizer and best for slow down aging and help to boost complexion and give a glowing face


1. Take two tables spoon of yogurt and one tablespoon of honey

2.mix it well and make a paste

3.After cleansing apply the paste on your face and leave it 15-20 minutes

4. Rinse with lukewarm water

5. follow this process two times a weak.

turmeric and milk

Turmeric and milk is a magical  way to brighten your skin

Turmeric is a magical way to brighten your skin turmeric has powerful compound curcumin it has also antioxidant properties it gives flawless and bright complexion melanin presence in skin colour tone is darker turmeric control melanin production and give whitening effect

when I want to tell you about milk for whitening I am speechless because their benefit is plenty lactic acid in milk is heal your skin give a brightening look reduce blemishing and pigmentation it also protect suntan and give you a clear bright skin

make a mask

1. Take a small amount of raw milk and add half teaspoon turmeric make a paste.

2.clean your face and apply the mask.

3. Leave fifteen minutes then wash.

4. follow this twice a weak.


lemon is a great source of lightening your skin

lemon is a great source of lightening your skin it has bleaching properties whose lighter your skin and alpha hydroxy acid give your skin healing lemon are also rich in vitamin C lemon has antioxidants which are very essential for skin.


1. Take a fresh lemon and squeezed in a bowl.

2. Apply lemon juice on a face with a cotton ball and leave it 10-15 minutes.

3. Wash your face cold water.

4. Follow this two or three time a week.

Sandalwood powder almond oil

sandalwood and almond powder natural skin brightening and lightening agents

sandalwood powder natural skin brightening and lightening agents its reduce signs of aging and wrinkles it exfoliates your skin

Almond oil is rich in vitamin E it is a great moisturizer and has a miracle effect for lighter your skin colour it gives you a smooth and nourishes skin with a glowing complexion


1. Take two tablespoon almond oil and one tablespoon sandalwood powder and make a paste.

2. Wash face and apply the mask and leave it twenty-minute.

3. Wash with lucky warm water.

4.follow this daily.


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