Best Way To Rid Dark Circles

Dark circles are the very common problem many people suffer from this and desperate to find a permanent cure.

if you find an appearance of dark circles on your lower eyelids, try to rid them fast because dark circles appear you to look older then you are and it’s very important you can come to know the causes of dark circles.

Working too hard or sleeping late at night is the reason behind the dark circle extra sleep can help reduce the appearance of dark circles. seven to eight-hour tension free sleep is very helpful

Ageing is another reason as we age, our skin loses its elasticity and becomes thinner in this situation dark circle appear

  hyperpigmentation is a cause when skin produce more melanin below the eye in this condition result is dark circles

Sun exposure can also create dark circles

Mental stress can also lead to pigmentation around the eyes

Some people suffering a skin condition allergic when they rubbing their eyes dark rings will appear

Lack of nutrients and iron deficiency is also the most common sign dark circles.  

Home Remedies For Dark Circles

Almond oil

Almond oil is a fantastic source of vitamin E and vitamin K which reducing discolouration under eyes and lighten your dark circles


1.take a little amount of almond oil and gently massage it over dark circles

2, leave it overnight

3. next morning wash with lucky warm water

4.Repeat this every day until your dark circles are gone


Potato is one of the best natural bleaching agents that remove dark circles it also rich in vitamin C vitamin A that help moisture and rejuvenating your skin around the eyes


1. Cut two thin slice potato and put it in refrigerate for one hour

2. After an hour cover your eyes with chilled potato

3.leave it on 20-25 minutes then wash cold water

4.For better results apply twice a day


1.Great potato and squeeze the juice

2.Dip cotton balls in the potato juice and apply on dark circles

3. Leave it 30-35 minutes and then wash with cool water.

4.Follow this daily


cucumber is very helpful in reducing dark circles it has mildly astringent and lightening properties.

Method 1

1. Cut cucumber in thin slice and then refrigerate

2. After 40 minutes cover your eyes with chilled cucumber

3. Leave it 20-25 minutes and then wash cold water

4.Repeat daily

Method 2

1. Take two tablespoon cucumber juice and one tablespoon lemon juice

2.Mix well and apply to your under eye circles with cotton ball

3. Leave it 10-15 minutes and then wash

4.Repeat it daily

Rose Water


1. Take the fresh and pure rose water

2.Soak two cotton balls in rose water and cover with eyes area fully

3. Leave it 20 minutes and then remove

4. For best result apply twice a day


tomato has bleaching properties the can reduce the appearance of dark circles and work wonder for dull and tired eyes


1. Take one teaspoon tomato puree

2.Apply this mixture under your eyes

3.leave it 1o-15 minutes and then wash

4. Use twice a weeks

Green tea bag

Green tea has antioxidants and caffeine properties who help shrink blood vessels and reduces fluid retention colling tea bag helping you in getting rid of the ugly dark circles


1. Take two tea bags place in refrigerator for a while

2.Cover your eyes with chilled tea bags

3. Leave it 20-25 minutes then remove

4.Use daily to get noticable result

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